Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Desertification Vulnerability Mapping Using ELECTRE and PROMETHEE Outranking Algorithms            0000-00-00
2    Conservative role of a Cyanobacteria thickness on stability dynamics of geomorphic surfaces in drylands            0000-00-00
3    Investigation of climatic fluctuations and its effects on rangeland vegetation in Tourogh watershed dam, Mashhad, Iran    M.Sc.    ostad, masume    2012-05-12
4    Investigation of temporal-spatial alternations of thermal Island of Mashhad TM Imagery data    M.Sc.    karkon sistany, marziyeh    2013-02-13
5    Spatio temporal monitoring of land use changes in Marvdasht rangelands, using Remote Sensing data (RS)    M.Sc.    ashoori, hanie    2013-04-29
6    changes geomorphological of Bajestan Playa using remote sensing    M.Sc.    hoseinpour, abbasaali    2013-05-27
7    Drought analysis with synthesis index (SDI) and TRMM data inRazaviKhorasan province    M.Sc.    Salimi fard, Mozhdeh    2013-09-14
8    The study of fluvial processes on Island developments in Karun River    M.Sc.    rashidi, maryam    2013-09-18
9    An integrated desertification vulnerability index based on remotely-sensed data (Case study:Khorasan Razavi)    M.Sc.    pashaei, mojgan    2014-05-05
10    Fuzzy Modeling of Desertification Susceptibility of Khorasan Razavi Ecoregions Based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)    M.Sc.    shiravi, mina    2014-05-05
11    A Model to Distinguish Desert Ecosystems Using Ecogeomorphic Thresholds and Numerical-Spectral Algorithms (Case Study: Khorasan Razavi Province)    M.Sc.    Abdollahzadeh, Zahra    2014-05-05
12    spatio-temporal variability of aerosol indices over the east of Khorasan, Iran and the impacts of land use changes    M.Sc.    miri mamarabadi, parvin    2014-05-05
13    Analyzing role of pedogeomorphic heterogeneity on vegetation dynamics in arid ecoton(Case study : Khorasrn Razavi)    M.Sc.    kord, najme    2014-05-07
14    Evaluation of rainwater harvesting techniques on soil moisture balance in Mashhad climatic conditions    M.Sc.    kohzad, banafshe    2014-05-07
15    Digital soil mapping using remote sensing, terrain attributes and vegetation features and indices in the rangelands of northeastern Iran    Ph.D    Mahmoudabadi, Ebrahim    2014-06-02
16    Analyzing spatial patterns dynamics at non-equilibrium geomorphic systems    Ph.D    Mohseni, Neda    2015-01-18
17    Assessment of Karst Susceptibility over Akhlamad Basin by Utility Theory    M.Sc.    horri, samane    2015-03-09
18    Analyzing soil physical-chemical characteristics on Gully formation    M.Sc.    beheshti, ali    2015-03-09
19    Mapping geodiversity of Mashhad based on landform sensitivity differences    M.Sc.    batajrobeh, Malihe    2015-04-27
20    Comparison of Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods for Optimal Site Selection for the Implementation of Soil and Water Conservation Measures    M.Sc.    dehghan, motahere    2015-05-04
21    Active Tectonic influence on the evolution of geomorphic landscape(case study:Doruneh fault)    Ph.D    najafi, fatemeh    2015-05-12
22    Assessment of edaphic variability on subsidence fissures morphology (case study: neishabour plain)    M.Sc.    joleyni, maryam    2015-06-01
23    Evolutionary model of desert pavement on soil-sediment chronosequence    M.Sc.    baghaee, mahla    2015-06-01
24    Sinkhole risk assessment based on fuzzy theory and ecogeomorphic factors (Case Study: Dargaz)    M.Sc.    nikzad, fatemeh    2015-06-16
25    Late Quaternary geomorphology evolution at Sabzevar playa by deposition records and mineral composition    Ph.D    pourali, maliheh    2016-01-18
26    Genesis, micromorphology and mineralogy of soils deloped on geomorphic surfaces of an alluviall fan on the margin of Bajestan playa    M.Sc.    tavakoli, zahra    2016-02-29
27    Microgeomorphology configurations related to the structure of biological soil crusts along landform evolution    M.Sc.    hassanzadeh bashtian, mahvan    2016-07-03
28    Nebkha chronology and geomorphology to reconstruct late Holocene environmental changes Lut playa    M.Sc.    nakhai, omid    2016-07-04
29    The particle size distribution, Mineralogy and pedology characteristics of sandy sediments over south of Sabzevar    M.Sc.    jafarpour chekab, fatemeh    2016-11-14
30    Micromorphology, pedogenesis and dust capture of biological soil crust in alluvial and Aeolian surfaces    M.Sc.    Gholamhosseinian, Atoosa    2017-05-13
31    Comparing Arsenic removal from polluted soils by bioaugmentation, nutrient amendment and using iron nanoparticles    M.Sc.    biglari, zahra    2017-07-03
32    Investigation on the effect of sediment from wind erosion on the creation of fertile islands in Neyshabour region    M.Sc.    seyednezhad, farzaneh sadat    2017-07-14