Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    Natural Hazards    B.Sc.
2    Principles of Remote Sensing    B.Sc.
3    Principles of Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Systems    B.Sc.
4    Environmental Evaluation    B.Sc.
5    Principles of Remote Sensing    B.Sc.
6    Geomorphology - II    B.Sc.
7    Ecotourism in Watershed    B.Sc.
8    Desert Geomorphology    B.Sc.
9    Classification and Assessment of Desert    B.Sc.
10    Principles of Contorol and living with Desert    B.Sc.
11    Intrenship    B.Sc.
12    Project    B.Sc.
13    Introduction Coastal Deserts and their Geomorphology    B.Sc.
14    Managing Catastrophs in Desert Conditions    B.Sc.
15    Remote Sensing and GIS in Climatology    M.Sc.
16    Advanced Statistics in Climatology    M.Sc.
17    Methods and Techniques in Geomorphology    M.Sc.
18    Statistic and Modeling in Geography and Geomorphology    M.Sc.
19    Remote Sensing    M.Sc.
20    Desert Geomorphology    M.Sc.
21    Desert Region Management    M.Sc.
22    Geomorphology    M.Sc.
23    Wind Erosion,Dust and its Consequences    M.Sc.
24    Remote Sensing and digital analysis Techniques in Geomorphology    Ph.D
25    Modeil and Modeling in Geomorphology    Ph.D
26    Geomorphology and Management of Coastal and Mountainous areas (MORPHOTECTINIC)    Ph.D
27    Geomorphology and Management of Arid and Desert Areas    Ph.D
28    Remote Sensing and Techniques of Radar Digit Analysis in Geomorphology and Environmental Management    Ph.D
29    Remote Sensing    Ph.D
30    Quaeernary Gomorphology of Iran    Ph.D
31    Analytical Methods in Geomorphology    Ph.D
32    Remote sensing    Ph.D